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Antonio Salgado Borge

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I am Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of Nottingham. Before, I was Alexander von Humboldt Postdoc Fellow at Humboldt University Berlin and Associate Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of St. Andrews. I completed my Philosophy PhD at the University of Edinburgh (2021). My area of specialisation is Early Modern Philosophy (especially Spinoza). 

My research has revolved around the unorthodox claim that, for Spinoza, the attributes constituting the essence of God are numerically distinct. My doctoral thesis was supervised by Alexander Douglas and Pauline Phemister and examined by Michael Della Rocca and Jennifer Marusic. My postdoctoral project was mentor by Dominik Perler. During the next years I will expand on my doctoral thesis’ master argument to posit that Spinoza’s account of the place of mentality in reality is a peculiar form of panpsychism that has more in common with Leibniz's psychophysical parallelism than has been recognised thus far.


I complement my academic work with public philosophy. I currently write journalistic articles in Aristegui Noticias and appear in the radio show Aristegui en Vivo. I have also written in Proceso, SinEmbargo, and Letras Libres. I am also a council member at the interdisciplinary Laboratory on Hate and Harmony/Seminar on Violence and Peace at El Colegio de México.

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